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      Hello everyone. It's been quite awhile, and for longer than that, this place has been all but dead. However, I'm back, and I'm ready to revive my forums and the Sonic RP world. However things are going to be different this time around. I've come up with a new forum design that won't be what you guys are used to here. Where my old design was location based, this new one will be Direction based. The old design lacked direction. We had 100% freedom in the many locations available, but because of that, most of us just stuck to what we knew. Hanging around in Knothole. I've come up with a revolutionary new design that will eliminate the issue entirely and make factions and stories and direction priority. I always intended my RP to be more than those bare bones "RP Here" boards. I like creating worlds, I want everyone to feel like they are part of something huge and awesome. I believe the new RP World will do that and more than ever before. I'll see you soon, -SaL  


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    2. The Robotnik Wars - Sonic the Hedgehog RP World

      The main RP World of the Team Acorn forums designed and created by Blazeymix.

      Role Play here as your favorite Sonic characters and fan/original mobian characters as you battle Robotnik's Legion or the Freedom Fighters in this never-ending war.

      Choose your side and go Role Play!

      (RP world based on the SatAM early comic era)

    3. The City (General RP) (18+)

      A world for mobians and/or furries to RP in. Not Sonic-based.

      Adult RP is permitted.

      Old-School location based design from Blazeymix morphed into an adult themed furry city to RP in.

      Blitscreet is the creator of this world.

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      This is a section dedicated to Special RP scenarios and types. Rules in this section are different than others.

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      My Tag Justalizard#3923  I'll be glade to add you.
    • Kyle Mackinaw
      Name: Kyle Mackinaw Character Number: 1 Powers: None Home: Lab complex (Mostly inaccessible in war time era, partially accessible in post war setting) Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Species: Fox Age: 15 Height: 3' 5"  Weight: 36 Pounds   Physical Description: Kyle is a Silver fox with 3 tails, he has white hair on his head that looks rather unkept as he did not tend to focus on his appearance while working in the lab he was born in, he has deep green eyes and a very lean body, while he is rather agile, he is not very strong and relies on gadgets and ranged combat for protection. Attire: Kyle wears a lab coat and a pair of comfortable sneakers, the coat looks rather out of place as the fibres are synthetic, which isn't very common among mobian clothes during the war with Robotnik  Skills: Kyle is incredibly intelligent, due to genetic engineering during his development, he was born in a facility run by a faction of mobians who dedicated themselves to advancing technology rather than living peacefully with nature. Once Kyle was born, he grew to be more intelligent than many of the scientists there as they taught him advanced techniques through his life, such as robotics, electronics, medicine, theoretical physics and even astroengineering. Kyle also learned Marksmanship from testing weapons developed at the facility, However, during an incident, Kyle was locked in cryo-sleep while an experiment went wrong and he was ejected from the lab as it was flooded with deadly radiation from an experiment in a new power source. Tools/Accessories: Kyle has two main tools he uses, one is the device on his wrist that acts as a scanner and a holo-terminal PDA this allows him to collect data on scanned technology or life forms, while it cannot reveal everything, it can give a vague idea on the level of danger it presents and how it works. The other is an energy based weapon that can be set to stun or kill, the energy the weapon fire at a lower frequency overloads the nervous system of organic life forms it hits causing alot of pain and depending on the targets endurance can depend on how many shots it takes to knock the target unconscious, the fill setting caused the energy to be fired at a higher frequency causing the energy to destroy what it hits, burning holes into material and causing serious and deep burns to flesh. the weapon used rechargeable battery packs as ammo and with access to the lab complex gone Kyle has little access to these and thus must use them sparingly as each pack will on ly allow about 5-10 shots depending on the setting. the weapon cannot be used in stealth as it makes quite a loud noise as it charged up to be fired when the safety is turned off. Weaknesses: Kyle is fairly frail and has trouble reigning in his curiosity, as a scientist, discovery is often higher on his list of priorities than it should be, Kyle is also used to a higher level of tech than knothole can provide and would become fairly frustrated from the lack of technological access for many things that others would be able to work with more easily. Character Personality: Kyle, can be slightly arrogant but for the most part tries to be civil and friendly to others, he constantly tinkers with tech to try and improve it and has a love of discovery, which can more often than not get him in trouble more than anything else by sticking his head where it doesn't belong, however, he does not lack common sense and is able to avoid obvious incidents. Kyle becomes easily drawn to other tinkerers and scientists very easily. however, he hates when technology is used to do unspeakable evil.   Physical Stats: Speed - 2 (most of his experiments didn't require that much speed) Agility - 7 (he did some agility trainingto keep fit) Strength - 1 (having machines to lift everything heavy didn't do much for his muscles) Book Smart - 10 (his IQ is extremely high, well into the 200s) Street Smart - 1 (Kyle has no knowledge of living in the outside world, while he has common sense, he doesn't get a lot of lingo and slang) Perception - 8 (his marksmanship and keen eyes for spotting changes in experiments give him advanced perception) Charisma - 5 (can be slightly arrogant) Endurance - 5 (he's healthy but he can't run marathons) Survival - 5 (living in the outside is again not a strong point of his but common sense shields him) Stealth - 6 (light footed with some experiments requiring near silence and of course when he would sneak into other scientists labs to spy on their experiemnets make him decent at stealth)
      my tag is Omega445#8611 ready and willing for rp ^^ 
      my tag is Keegan#2818. I would still like to rp with everyone so here is my tag.
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