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      Hello everyone. It's been quite awhile, and for longer than that, this place has been all but dead. However, I'm back, and I'm ready to revive my forums and the Sonic RP world. However things are going to be different this time around. I've come up with a new forum design that won't be what you guys are used to here. Where my old design was location based, this new one will be Direction based. The old design lacked direction. We had 100% freedom in the many locations available, but because of that, most of us just stuck to what we knew. Hanging around in Knothole. I've come up with a revolutionary new design that will eliminate the issue entirely and make factions and stories and direction priority. I always intended my RP to be more than those bare bones "RP Here" boards. I like creating worlds, I want everyone to feel like they are part of something huge and awesome. I believe the new RP World will do that and more than ever before. I'll see you soon, -SaL  


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    • A day out on the town (M-Rated)
      Kynan looks around as he waits for her. When he would hear her coming back down into the living room he would stand up, and looks her over slowly as he smiles to her. "You look great Ice. " Says walking over to her, and looks into her eyes. "Well stall we go? Oh and I hope you like laser tag. Thought it would be fun after getting some food, and a little dancing." He would say as he holds out his hand ready to excort her to his car. He plans to open the door for both her house, and his car for her when they head out.
    • A day out on the town (M-Rated)
      Ice enters her room and strips off her uniform. She then proceeds to put on her regular clothes, this being the first date she didn't expect anything grand but regardless even if it was her out of work clothes she hopes he likes her in it all the same. She then brushes her hair a bit and redoes it in the ponytail look. She then heads down to where Kynan was waiting.
    • Typhoon Cat
      Name:  Typhoon Cat
      Character Number: 1
      Powers:  Aqua Powers
      Home:  Christ City
      Sex:  Male  
      Sexual Orientation:  bi
      Species:  Mobian Cat
      Age:  17
      Height: 5’4
      Weight:  189
      Physical Description:  Purple fur, yellow eyes and white muzzle
      Attire:  First Attire Blue, white shirt, Purple jeans, purple and white sneakers. Sonic Riders Outfit Blue, Yellow Shirt, Blue, Yellow Pants, White and Blue boots.
      Skills:  Martal Arts
      Tools/Accessories: Aqua Sword
      Weaknesses:  He can get frozen if he use his water powers on anyone who can use Ice. Also he get close to Heat Related areas, then he will lose his Water powers for 24 hours and have to use his Aqua Sword until he get his powers back.
      Character Personality:  Typhoon is a nice guy once you get to know him, he always like to read books, plan things, make friends and protect ones he care agents any evil.
      Physical Stats:
          •    Speed - 6
          •    Agility - 5
          •    Strength - 4
          •    Book Smart - 5
          •    Street Smart - 5
          •    Perception - 4
          •    Charisma - 5
          •    Endurance - 6
          •    Survival - 7
          •    Stealth - 8 
          •    Bonus - 10
      Picture:  See Attachments
    • A Sonar Confrontation *ask to join*
      Lilith caught the tone directed at her with another shudder. "Oh i know all too well what you do to weaklings. And I'm not weak. Just uncomfortable being out of the city for too long." She tried to play it off a bit, but doubted Mynt would buy it. It was more to try and convince herself.  It was quiet for a few more minutes before she spoke again. "Alright we're here. You, place the beacon there and I'll do the rest." She turned to the Swatbot carrying the beacon.  It did as she ordered and she got to work setting it up. Each of these things required a little calibration. So she hoped no freedom fighters would happen upon them until it was completed.
    • A day out on the town (M-Rated)
      Feeling the kiss to his cheek he would smile a little bit more, and nods to her before entering into her house. Watches her place the flowers in the vase before she went upstairs. Kynan walks around her living room while he waits for her, and would look at any pictures that she might have in there. The human tilts his head to the side as he looks around for a bit longer. Though he would end up sitting down as he waits for her feeling a little nervice though doing his best to shake it off so she doesn't see it.
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