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      Hello everyone. It's been quite awhile, and for longer than that, this place has been all but dead. However, I'm back, and I'm ready to revive my forums and the Sonic RP world. However things are going to be different this time around. I've come up with a new forum design that won't be what you guys are used to here. Where my old design was location based, this new one will be Direction based. The old design lacked direction. We had 100% freedom in the many locations available, but because of that, most of us just stuck to what we knew. Hanging around in Knothole. I've come up with a revolutionary new design that will eliminate the issue entirely and make factions and stories and direction priority. I always intended my RP to be more than those bare bones "RP Here" boards. I like creating worlds, I want everyone to feel like they are part of something huge and awesome. I believe the new RP World will do that and more than ever before. I'll see you soon, -SaL  


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    • Nomad
      Name:  Nomad
      Real Name: Dyson
      Alias: Nobody/Ghost, Jeb Rosen Character Number: 06 Powers: His body is inhabited by nanomachines that for the time being seem to have unknown powers beyond minute healing buffs and as of recent, the ability to allow Nomad to change his physical features into handy disguises. Other powers may appear as time goes on. Home: Acorn Kingdom (formerly Overland) Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight Species: Human Age: mid-30's Height: 5'5" Weight: 170lbs   Physical Description: Tall, fit and muscular, with jet black hair, purple eyes, and a vertical scar on the right side of his face.

      As Jeb Rosen: Shaggy brown hair and beard, green-blue eyes. His posture was bad and he had a 'gut'. Attire: Often wore a green t-shirt with black pants and black combat boots with a grey jacket. Alternatively wore an all black sneaking suit and mask with special optic lenses. As Jeb Rosen often wore flannel shirts, coveralls, and dingy jackets and a cap. Skills: Skilled in hand to hand combat, weapons use, espionage, infiltration and some skills in computer hacking via his nanomachines. After Robotnik's coup de tat' he began cultivating survival skills in both woodland and urban environments. Tools/Accessories:  Nanomachines aside Nomad often carried a pack with electronic lockpicks, rope, grappling hooks, and other survival tools. Often carried a combat knife and either a laser pistol or rifle if ammunition was available. His 'heavy' weapon was a specialized sniper rifle that could fire kinetic rounds or laser rounds via swapping certain components. Weaknesses: If the nanomachines in his body were fully disabled he'd slowly get sick as they help maintain his body which has gotten used to their aide. While durable he is mortal and capable of dying. Sometimes Nomad can be too self-sacrificing and willing to put himself on the line to protect others even when logic dictates otherwise. Sometimes trying to reconcile his past life with his current one can be a taxing toll on his sanity especiallt when reminded of things he'd rather forget. Character Personality: Stoic but open and warm, Nomad is a protector through and through. Some describe him as an 'old soul in a young body' to which he himself admits feeling he's 'making up for a past life'. Enjoying children, Nomad is especially kind and nurturing to them, a trait he fully embraced as he helped Rosy Woodchuck raise the young children at Knothole who'd grow up to become the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Passionate and strong-willed, he will face the odds even if he cannot win, and will try until he has taken his last breath.   Current History: When Mynt supposedly 'killed him', Nomad nanomachine network 'awoke' and secretly revived him, as well as flooded his mind with more and more memories of his past life. (His first taste of his old memories came when ironically he was held captive by Mynt which stirred old memories of the two together). Using the advantage of being thought dead, Nomad took to the shadows, soon learning he could manipulate the nanomachines to disguise himself. Taking an alias as Jeb Rosen, he actively participates in the Resistence movement, helping various cells and using his emerging abilities to try and topple Robotnik's regime while keeping tabs on his comrades and loved ones trapped in the city.   Past Life: Thanks to the nanomachines remaining with him even as the universe was 'reset' Nomad's memories of the past universe remain and have slowly over time manifested to his current self. At this point, he recalls everything and tries to reconcile both his lives and not be overwhelmed with the forbidden knowledge he now carries.    Physical Stats: Speed - 5 Agility - 5 Strength - 6 Book Smart - 5 Street Smart - 5 Perception - 6 Charisma - 6 Endurance - 6 Survival - 7 Stealth - 8  Picture: 
    • Roxanne Skeet
      Name:  Roxanne (Roxy) Skeet Character Number: 05 Powers: None Home: Acorn Kingdom Sex: Female Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious with a male preference. Species: Hedgehog Age: Mid 30's Height: 3'9" Weight: 75lbs   Physical Description: A female hedgehog Lavender body fur and head quills with beige underbelly and arm fur. Her head quills are often tied together like a big dreadlock ponytail.  Attire: Casual clothes include jeans or trousers, with a black or white t-shirt and her army camo jacket. At work, if she's at a construction site she wears overalls, a flannel shirt, hard hat, and gloves. At the dance/strip club, she wears a variety of skimpy attire for her dance routines. Skills: Trained as a soldier during the Great War, she's versed in hand to hand combat, weapon usage and driving a variety of vehicles and sabotage. Due to acting skills, she built up from childhood she was also given spy duties that served in both the Great War and the Robotnik Wars. Also a skilled dancer and handy with tools, but is no mechanic savant. Tools/Accessories: Prior to the defeat, she often carried a backpack with a combat knife, bo' staff, and if ammo was available her old laser pistol from the Great War. Among other items were basic wiring and lockpicking tools and if on a spy mission, disguises. Post Defeat; she only really carries a purse with her city ID, spending card, citizen datapad and feminine hygiene products. Weaknesses: Despite her calm and self-assured demeanor her sense of self-worth has taken a nose-dive after the great defeat. Being reminded of how powerless she is, is a sure-fire way to get under her skin. Also, her loyalty to the people who'd sooner see her lynched these days can get the better of her judgment. Her acting is top notch but despite this and her improvisational skills, she can find herself hard to make a comeback when the tables are thoroughly turned on her. Character Personality: Calm and wise for her age, Roxy tends to think before she leaps, a skill that has served her well throughout her life. When relaxed she seems easy going, very open and friendly. She tries to believe in people and nature the best in them (if possible), especially those close to her. Very loyal, even with Robotnik's victory she retains hope and optimism the Princess isn't dead and the chance to fight again may rise. However, her treatment by the Legion has worn off some of her optimism and deep down she's a jaded woman trying to retain the best of herself if just to spite her enemies in not being broken.   Physical Stats: Speed - 5 Agility - 7 Strength - 5 Book Smart - 6 Street Smart - 6 Perception - 6 Charisma - 8 Endurance - 5 Survival - 6 Stealth - 6 Picture:  TBA
    • PDA
      (Apologies for the late reply, but we've been more active using our Discord than the forums as of late. It is also recommended you make a character sheet which tells us a little more about your character here. http://teamacorn.net/i/index.php?/forum/558-character-creation-the-city/ )
    • PDA
      It was a normal day for Jasmine. She was working at the cash register in place of a co worker who called in sick. With a sweet smile on her face she happily gretted those that came and went. Now, unlike most mall shops theirs had a glass door with little cute Halloween decorations. The door was proper open so the first thing you would see would be the register and Her. The mall was always filled with atractive girls and you were no stranger to wooing them for a night of fun. But unlike them, Jasmine was sweet and oddly pure for a girl with such a curvatious body. To you this was rare and highly intriguing. Learn more about this girl and work your way up to earning her affection. Will this just be a benifital relation ship, or will she tame and claim you as her own  
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